Introducción a mitología nórdica, germánica y escandinava

Introduction to Nordic, Germanic and Scandinavian Mythology

Do you recognize the protagonist in this photo? Elves are magical creatures full of mystery and throughout history there are all kinds of legends and stories about them. This particular elf possesses some unusual qualities.

Elves have their origins in Norse, Germanic and Scandinavian mythologies, which include everything related to the religion, beliefs and legends of the Germanic Scandinavian peoples, including those who settled in ancient Iceland, Britannia, Gaul and Hispania. They were not a revealed religion, for there was no truth delivered by the gods to mortals.

A common feature among them is that they were transmitted orally, this transmission continued during the Viking Age and our knowledge about them is mainly based on medieval texts written during or after Christianization.

We will learn more about elves later on, here we will learn about all kinds of mythological and magical creatures and curiosities about these fascinating mythologies!
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